How we transform data into value

Clients who approach us typically have data from which they have extracted, or need help extracting, information. They’re then faced with the challenge of convincing their audience of the value of that information. We help solve this problem via three interrelated capabilities:

We build custom interactives and apps in the cloud for browsers, as well as static visualizations, that help audiences understand complex information and its value.


We help clients think strategically about their data and how to effectively apply analytics and data visualization to discover information that has value for their audience.


We also provide strategic design direction, i.e. how to strategically design information visualizations to help audiences understand the value of the information contained within data.


Hemanth P. Nair, PhD, MPH

Founder, Principal Consultant

Vis-à-Vis was founded in 2016 by Dr. Hemanth P. Nair, who, for over a decade, has collected, analyzed and visualized data in far-ranging fields including neuroscience, public health, pharmaceuticals, AI and marketing intelligence. Prior to founding Vis-à-Vis, Hemanth managed data visualization product development for the Strategic Innovation Group at Booz Allen Hamilton. Earlier in his career he worked as an epidemiologist for New York City Department of Health and as an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Zhibo Zheng, PhD

Co-founder, Director of Data Science

Dr. Zheng brings 20+ years interdisciplinary experience leading data science and engineering teams with a diverse background to employ data science/graph analytics, cloud computing, modeling and simulation to support decision-making across wide ranging fields.